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Name:Faith Lehane [Faith & Angel]
[Mun and muse are over 18]

Faith is not your cookie cutter kind of woman. She likes to live on the edge and is content there. She is the darker slayer, act first, kick ass without questions, and then think about it later after all her plans have gone to hell. Faith is also promiscuous, doesn’t have a long lasting relationship under her belt since she doesn’t trust males. Her past molded her to be untrusting and at first, she danced on the line of being a villain. She is known to be mouthy, questions things, and if she doesn’t like what she hears, she walks out, but after jail and Angel’s help, she became redeemed. She helped out B with the hellmouth, then went on her on way, only to have Giles to come to her with a task and then she started the Slayer network. After saving the world, again, the death of Giles brought her to England, where she's been hiding Angel who is hated by all and they are working together on brining G-man back to life.
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